Hand Made With Love

I love this time of year! Not only because of the holidays but this is the time of year when I get to make hand crafted accessories for brides. I started Pretty Bride Shop because I saw a need for brides to be able to get the accessories of their dreams. It all started with one head piece for a friend, and since then I have had the honor to create veil’s Garters, flower girl baskets and even a jumping broom kit in addition to feather fascinators. Today I would love to share some of my favorite pieces and why I love making each piece tailored to each bride. 

My first veil for 2014 has turned out to be a very special piece. I met with the bride, Linzy a few months ago. As soon as she began to tell me about her wedding, my mind began to race with designs for her. She is my kind of gal, her style is very boho, fresh, girly, southern with a vintage flair. As I got to know her, she began to tell me about how her grandmother is growing the flowers for the wedding and how excited she is. How amazing is that? to have your grandmother not only arrange the flowers for your wedding, but to grow them! As soon as I heard that, I knew we had to incorporate pieces of her grandmothers jewelry into her veil. Below are a few sneak peaks of the supplies that I used for her veil and of the veil itself. Her wedding isn’t until Spring 2014, so you will have to wait to see her wedding photos. I am so thrilled to have been able to make this very Special veil for such a lovely southern bride! 


Here are some of the supplies used for Linzy’s veil 


Here is a sneak peak of Linzy’s veil 

As soon as I get photos from Linzy’s wedding, I will share her amazing veil made with love just for her. 

I would love to showcase some of last years creations: 


I made this sassy birdcage veil/ flower hair piece for Katie. Katie had a Mad Men Themed wedding. 


I made La June a Super fun feather flat hat! I had so much fun making her hat for her Tiffany’s themed wedding. 


Finally, I will leave you with Heather’s flower Head piece. I loved matching the flowers from Heather’s dress for her head piece. I would not have thought of making the flowers the way that the dress maker had made them. This flower headpiece was a piece that forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a designer. 

Thank You for reading today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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Shrug It!

One of the most exciting things a gal can do is open the latest wedding magazine to find the latest wedding fashions. As the years go by, the bridal fashions depicted in the new wedding magazines can range from classic to a little too racy for a church service. If you have fallen in love with a dress that you may not feel completely comfortable in while getting married in the church, but you have to have it because you love and  it fits you perfect;  there is a solution for you. Shrugs are one of the trending wedding accessories because you can have the best of both worlds. You can look church appropriate for your ceremony and let loose at your reception.

Here are some great shrugs:


Pine Cone Cabin


Alex Bridal 


Style Made Here


White Fashion 

There are so many different styles of shrugs. There is bound to be one that fits your personal style. I found all of these on Etsy!

Thank you for reading today’s style tip! Have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

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Will you be my Bridesmaid???

Are you looking for a creative and fun way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids? Well, There are a lot of great ideas, but today we will focus on one way to invite your friends to join you on one of the most important journeys of your life. 

Here is what you will need: 


1. Wedding Magazine

2. Scissors

3. Doilies 

4. Card Stock Paper

5. Decorated Tape

6. Double side Sticky Tape

7. Ribbon

8. Ruler 


First, I folded a large doily into an envelope. To add a touch of color and to keep the envelope intact, I taped the sides of the envelope with decorated tape. You can find this tape at a bunch of different locations, but I know you can find this tape on Etsy. One of my favorite shops is Jamroll. The finishing touch on the envelope is the ribbon. I just wrapped the ribbon around the envelope vertically and taped it in a few places to secure the ribbon. 


Next you want to cut the card stock to make your invitation. Measure your envelope and based off of the measurements of the envelope you make,  cut out a single sheet rectangle out of the card stock After I cut the card stock, I went through a wedding magazine (I love Martha Stewart’s bridal magazine) and clipped photos of bridesmaids. I made a fun collage with doilies and a photo; securing all these with the decorated and double sided sticky tape. As an optional detail, I added a pair of crystal earrings from the Pretty Bride Shop. You can make your invitations as simple as you’d like or a creative as you’d like. Make this project your own! 

Thank you for reading this week’s DIY project. Have a great week!



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