Hand Made With Love

I love this time of year! Not only because of the holidays but this is the time of year when I get to make hand crafted accessories for brides. I started Pretty Bride Shop because I saw a need for brides to be able to get the accessories of their dreams. It all started with one head piece for a friend, and since then I have had the honor to create veil’s Garters, flower girl baskets and even a jumping broom kit in addition to feather fascinators. Today I would love to share some of my favorite pieces and why I love making each piece tailored to each bride. 

My first veil for 2014 has turned out to be a very special piece. I met with the bride, Linzy a few months ago. As soon as she began to tell me about her wedding, my mind began to race with designs for her. She is my kind of gal, her style is very boho, fresh, girly, southern with a vintage flair. As I got to know her, she began to tell me about how her grandmother is growing the flowers for the wedding and how excited she is. How amazing is that? to have your grandmother not only arrange the flowers for your wedding, but to grow them! As soon as I heard that, I knew we had to incorporate pieces of her grandmothers jewelry into her veil. Below are a few sneak peaks of the supplies that I used for her veil and of the veil itself. Her wedding isn’t until Spring 2014, so you will have to wait to see her wedding photos. I am so thrilled to have been able to make this very Special veil for such a lovely southern bride! 


Here are some of the supplies used for Linzy’s veil 


Here is a sneak peak of Linzy’s veil 

As soon as I get photos from Linzy’s wedding, I will share her amazing veil made with love just for her. 

I would love to showcase some of last years creations: 


I made this sassy birdcage veil/ flower hair piece for Katie. Katie had a Mad Men Themed wedding. 


I made La June a Super fun feather flat hat! I had so much fun making her hat for her Tiffany’s themed wedding. 


Finally, I will leave you with Heather’s flower Head piece. I loved matching the flowers from Heather’s dress for her head piece. I would not have thought of making the flowers the way that the dress maker had made them. This flower headpiece was a piece that forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a designer. 

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Product Review! Laura Mercier Bonne Mine

Are you looking for an everyday look that will take less than ten minutes??? look not further! the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine kit is perfect for everyday makeup. Before I shot this video, I prepped my skin with skincare, added tinted moisturizer, concealer, prepped eyelids with an eyeshadow base, I applied eyeliner, and mascara. I like to think of the Bonne Mine kit ad icing on the cake! I love the texture of the product and how it leaves my skin looking fresh with a soft glow.

Makeup Tutorial- Quick Everyday Bronzer

Do you ever wonder how to use Bronzer? Or, are you looking to update your look??? Bronzer is a quick and easy way to update you look. It is not just for summer. Bronzer is a little detail the can really finish your makeup. In this tutorial, you will lean how to use two bronzers with completely different finishes to get a natural bronzer look.

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A Little Vision Never Hurt Anyone Even If you Fall a few Times



As some of you know, I have been working towards making my online bridal shop a mobile bridal suite that will be perfect for Mountain weddings, weddings at an art gallery, well, any unconventional wedding venue. When I tell people my vision some people get it right away, but most people stare at me with eyes glazed over until I explain a little more. Once I add a little clarity as to what a mobile bridal suite is, the glaze disappears and they get what I am doing.

Today, I thought I would take a moment to describe my vision on this blog. My dream/ vision is to get a vintage camper and transform it into a mobile bridal suite. I will completely renovate the interior so that it is girly and comfortable. suitable for any bride to be and her bridal party. During the Wedding season (March-November),not only will the renovated camper be a space for me to work out of, but, I will rent the unit out to brides, hairstylists, and makeup artists, who need a space for the “getting ready” portion of the wedding day. During off season, I will pop up all around Colorado showcasing local designer goods and vintage items. I feel like the new wave of shopping is the “pop-up shop”. If you haven’t experienced a “pop-up” shop yet, I highly recommend you get on Facebook, Twitter, or instagram and start following your local mobile boutiques and designers.


I tried the whole online crowd funding route in June. I learned a lot, to say the least. I think the most important thing I learned is that you don’t need Kickstarter or a site like it to raise funds via crowdfunding. While those sites are Awesome for Artist, product centered companies, films, singers, songwriters, and fashion designers. It was not the best route for a mobile bridal suite that will only be serving a certain location. Once the Pretty Bride Shop crowdfunding campaign ended, I had to regroup! I had think of another way to raise the funds. I have a new plan. Here is the new plan. I am doing weekly makeup workshops with an entrance fee, I am doing various fundraising clothing swaps, and at home false eyelash parties. I have have a new game plan. I am going to get the vintage camper, I am looking at Shasta trailers, by January 1, 2014, and I have plans to have the mobile unit fully renovated by June 1, 2014! With that said, if you are in the Denver area and love supporting small business and would like to support mine, please feel free to contact me via email, shopprettybride@gmail.com.

Even though I have come across some hiccup and fallen a few times on my journey to reach my vision, I still have it and as time goes by, my vision only strengthens. I am looking forward to the day that I am blogging about the grand opening of the mobile bridal suite!

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Happy Mani Monday! For the Love of Polka Dots!!

Hello everyone! I here to wish you a Happy Mani Monday from Pretty Bride Shop. today i was feeling a little silly. I don’t know about you but I LOVE me some polka dots. I have never really been all that great with nail art, so I thought I would step a little out side my comfort zone and try some fun an funky polka dot nails. I also kept in mind the trend of having your ring finger be a little different than the rest of your nails.


Here is what I used, I used a soft gray colored nail polish as a base, and then I took one of my all time favorite blues (from the MAC Wonder Woman Collection… sorry it is a limited color, but I know there are similar colors out there!)


I painted two coats of the soft gray first. I then took a paperclip and unfolded one end, you could probably use a toothpick or a bobby pin as well. Once the gray color was dry, I dipped the unfolded paper clip into the blue and softly dotted the blue over the nails. To make the heart I place two dots of the blue polish next to each other and then a third under and moved the blue polish around so that it looked like a heart. the hardest part of making the heart was making sure the heart was make the “V” part of the heart neatly. Have you ever tried to do your own nail art??? Leave a comment below, I would love to know your experience with nail art!

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Nicole Ramirez ‘

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Happy Mani Monday!!

I don’t know about you but I have a love for nail polish! I always have. I have decided that I will feature a different nail look every Monday. If you are also a fan of nail polish fashion. This week I would love to introduce you to velvet nails. Now I have been in the cosmetic world for quite some time now and have seen all of the textured nail polish trend as they have launched. I have always like the thought of a textured nail but have been afraid to try it. Last night, I was in the mood to spice up my fall wardrobe and found the velvet nail kit Beauty London. It is in a navy blue which is my go to fall color. Also, I thought it would be a great color for a fall or winter bride to be to wear to her pre-wedding events like her rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. It also makes a really fun toe color for those ladies who like to have neutral finger nails but go for a dramatic toe mail color. 



The process of applying the nail color is not as hard as I had thought. Every textured nail kit will have slightly different directions, but from what I gather most of these nail fashions have 2-3 step and it takes about 15-20 minutes for the nail products to fully dry. The velvet nail I used was a 2 step process. All I had to do was apply two coats of the nail color and then dip my nail in the velvet powder… So easy! If you are looking for a fun and funky way to jazz up your fall wardrobe, think about adding some nail fashion to your life. Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think or what you favorite nail fashion, color or trend is right now! 




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Finishing Touches

ImageToday I want to talk about the importance of a brides finishing touches. Yesterday I stopped by an new bridal shop in Denver, Emma and Grace, with a friend. The shop is such a beautiful shop with a really beautiful inventory of dresses. While we were speaking with the owner, she was walking us through her top selling dresses. My friend asked her if she tells brides what are the most popular? I thought this was a great question! All brides want to feel special and they want to have a one of a kind wedding. The owner of the shop had the best answer. She spoke on how every bride is different and it is how they finish the look that will make them one of a kind and truly bring out the brides personal style. I couldn’t agree more! 

One of my guilty pleasures is to look at the celebrity magazines and look at the “Who Wore It Better” pages. I think I love looking at these types of articles because it shows how important the finishing touches are to an overall look.It’s the little details that can make or break an outfit, like accessories, makeup and hair. This is why I started Pretty Bride Shop. I believe that the little details will be what will help a bride show case her personal style on her big day even if she is wearing the most popular dress. 

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Questions are fun!

Photo: Off to pick up the food for tonight launch party! Hope to see you tonight at Beauty Bar Denver! #party #mobileboutique #crowdfunding

Last night, I had the launch party for Pretty Bride Shop’s RocketHub campaign at Beauty Bar in Denver.  I am so grateful to have been able to have my launch party at such an awesome location. I have been a fan of Beauty Bar for a long time, so to be able to have the party at Beauty was such a treat! I am so grateful for the Denver Fashion Truck and La Lovely Vintage mobile boutique for taking time out of their day and set up right outside of the party! And, I am so grateful for everyone who showed up and who started funding the project!Also, while at Beauty Bar I met some really awesome ladies who were at the bar for happy hour. I am so glad I met them because they have some really awesome businesses, have you ever heard of sexy Yoga? One of the ladies owns a studio that offer sexy yoga, how fun is that?! Plus, they joined our party for a bit. I had so much fun and am so excited to see what will happen next.

While at the party I was being asked some common questions. I wanted to take some time to address them on the blog just in cases someone in the internet world has the same questions. I was asked why I want to make my shop a mobile bridal suite/ mobile bridal boutique. I really feel that the wedding business is changing, not just the trends, but the wedding industry in general. I feel that more an more brides are getting inspired by sites like pinterest and magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings. Brides want their wedding to be different. They want it to be unlike  anyone else they know. Which means they are looking at getting married at venues that are unconventional. Often times these unconventional venues do not have a bridal suite. This has been my first official wedding season and I have noticed that it can be stressful trying to coordinate the timeline of getting ready with hotel rooms or someone’s home. For instance the last wedding I was apart of, the brides room wasn’t clean yet when she arrived, thankfully for her the owner of the hotel had a suite at the hotel that is always ready and she was able to use that suite, but what if there were no rooms available? Her whole wedding day timeline would have been off track. I want to offer brides an option to have a guaranteed space to get ready wherever it is most convenient for them on their wedding day.

Another question I was getting asked a lot was, “how many people will be able to comfortably fit in the mobile suite and how big will the RV have to be?” This is a great question! I am look at RV’s that are 20-30ft in length. I would like to be able to service a bridal party of up to 10 people comfortably. Also, I was asked if anyone else is doing something like this. “Do I have any  competitors?” The answer is yes and no. IF you are in business in any industry, you have competitors. There are some companies that go on location and do hair and makeup at the venue if there is a bridal suite, or to the hotel, or home. No one in Colorado, that I know of, has really built a mobile bridal suite, as in a physical location that will travel to the bride, YET! Also, there are a few other mobile boutiques but there is not a bridal mobile boutique in Denver yet. I feel that I would be able to collaborate with some of the other awesome mobile boutiques in Denver.I feel that this is a great idea and I am sure that I am not the only who has thought of it, but I hope to be one of the first to build it, with your help! If you feel that this is something that brides would love to experience, fund this project: http://rkthb.co/28007.Every Dollar Counts! Any Feedback will help, Feel free to comment with any feed back that you have.

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Help Kick Start Pretty Bride Shop


Pretty Bride Shop started as a small idea in 2011 and I have had such a great time building and watching the company grow. Lately, I am feeling like it is time to take Pretty Bride Shop to the next level. Now that I am finished with school (woo hoo!) , I can really focus all of my energy and attention to helping my business grow. Up until now, I have self-funded Pretty Bride Shop, but I have reached a point where I need help. There are two things that have become increasingly apparent as I am going through my first official wedding season. 1) I am in need of a physical space to meet clients that is convenient for both me and my clients and 2) In this economy I am going to have to get creative! I am currently working on plans for a Kickstarter campaign to help make Pretty Bride Shop an “Everything but the dress” mobile boutique.

In case you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is an online crowd funding platform that allows anyone to contribute to a specific creative project to help “kickstart” businesses, bands, writers, artists, and such. When you contribute to a project you receive a reward. The rewards can vary from a handwritten thank you note to hundreds of dollars in products that relate to the project. The more money you contribute, the juicier the reward.

You have all seen those food trucks and more recently the fashion trucks. Well, my dream is to get a vintage motor home, do a gut renovation on it and join the up-and-coming mobile boutiques in Colorado. My vision is to carry really awesome bridal accessories that are handcrafted by new designers, super cute shoes, handpicked vintage finds, and even have a hair and makeup station. The mobile boutique can be turned into a bridal suite for those brides who are getting married at an unconventional venue that doesn’t offer a bridal suite, like a field, the mountains, an art gallery, and such. On June 20th I am going to launch a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to make my dream come true so that I can help my client’s dreams come true!

Feel free to leave any feedback and comments, stay tuned for more details on the project by following this blog and don’t forget to ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

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Let’s Catch Up…

I can’t believe it is already the end of May! Wow… How time flies?!?! So far, this year has been a real learning experience for me. This is Pretty Bride Shop’s first official wedding season and I am loving every minute of it. I wanted to take some time to write about some of the exciting things that have been going on with Pretty Bride Shop.


(Girly Head pieces hand crafted by Pretty Bride Shop pictured above)

I am still having fun making really awesome head pieces for the off beat bride, but this year is the first year that I have offered on location makeup services as well. I realized that after doing makeup for almost eleven years for other people, I can’t give it up,  but I still want to work for myself, so I added makeup services to the Pretty Bride Shop service menu. Plus, I have always loved bridal makeup more than any other kind of makeup and there is something special about be able to be part of the final hours before a bride-to-be becomes the bride.


(A girls best friend… A makeup kit)

At the beginning of the year, we had the opportunity to rent space from a really awesome cupcake tasting room in Denver, Yours Truly Cupcake. Below are some photos of the space.


The photo above is the outside of Your Truly Cupcake, which is located in the RINO district in Denver. It is such a great neighborhood filled with delicious restaurants, galleries and such.


These are some of the super cute and yummy cupcake from Yours Truly Cupcake!


Above is a photo of the Pretty Bride Shop displays.

Last Month in April i held the first ever Pretty Bride Shop trunk show. Which was a learning experience and a lot of fun!I have never organized an event before and have a new found respect for my event planner friends. There are so MANY details and you have to be crazy organized to put on any size event.  I am so grateful for all  of the awesome people who stopped by and helped out with the event. Check out some of the photos from the event.



Above are some of the new designs from Pretty Bride Shop for Spring 2013.


As always my niece Lily had a fun time!

In addition to all of these fun things, Pretty Bride Shop has made an appearance in a few bridal blogs. I have plans to be apart of  more stylized bridal photo shoot as well as to organize photo shoots specifically for our brand. This weekend we will have a booth at the launch of Denver Fashion truck since they will be carrying some of our hand knitted bows.


(If you are in Denver, you should stop by this event and check it out)

So far this has been a really awesome year and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Pretty Bride Shop

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