Happy Mani Monday!

So this week  I thought I would give the increasingly popular Ombre nail look a try. I have to admit that it was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up having to try it a couple of time, but I am glad that I tried it because it is a super fun nail fashion! I ended up going from pale pink to purple, which was a more safe choice but I have gotten a few compliments on my color choice, so I am feeling pretty good about this weeks look. 





I think this look would be super pretty if you went from a light blue to a dark blue. It would be a super great nail look for a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or just a girls night out. I love how nail polish has become an accessory that completes any outfit! Don’t you?? 

Let’s take a look at what I used: 



I used a mixture of nail brands. From the left, I used an Urban Outfitter nail color, a Cover girl nail color (its a limited Hunger Games color, how fun is that??), a Color Show nail polish from Maybelline, and a MAC limited nail color (however there is a similar shade by L’oreal. 

Here is a quick overview of what I did: 

– First, I painted my nail with the cover girl nail color. 


– Then, I painted the lightest color to the darkest color. I painted stripes of the colors and layered them while they were wet. 


This look took a little longer than I thought it would. I watched Zoolander while I painted my nails. I recommend you Netflix your favorite movie, have a mini Hulu marathon, or listen to a a good audio book while doing your Ombre nail fashion. Have you tried the Ombre nail look? If so what is your favorite color combination? Leave a comment below today! 


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A Natural and Basic Eyebrow makeup application

Here is what I used:
– A Brow powder duo in Brunette
– A NYX Eyebrow Wax Pencil
– Water
-Two different sized paint brushes, one with a fine tip and one small squared off brush

Eyebrows really frame the face, they complete any makeup application even the natural looks. A lot of women will NOT leave the house without eyebrows on. Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions about eyebrows lately, so I thought I would show you tips and tricks on how to get a natural and basic eyebrow shape using powder. Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite eyebrow products!!!

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Just another day

Just another day

Happy Mani Monday! For the Love of Polka Dots!!

Hello everyone! I here to wish you a Happy Mani Monday from Pretty Bride Shop. today i was feeling a little silly. I don’t know about you but I LOVE me some polka dots. I have never really been all that great with nail art, so I thought I would step a little out side my comfort zone and try some fun an funky polka dot nails. I also kept in mind the trend of having your ring finger be a little different than the rest of your nails.


Here is what I used, I used a soft gray colored nail polish as a base, and then I took one of my all time favorite blues (from the MAC Wonder Woman Collection… sorry it is a limited color, but I know there are similar colors out there!)


I painted two coats of the soft gray first. I then took a paperclip and unfolded one end, you could probably use a toothpick or a bobby pin as well. Once the gray color was dry, I dipped the unfolded paper clip into the blue and softly dotted the blue over the nails. To make the heart I place two dots of the blue polish next to each other and then a third under and moved the blue polish around so that it looked like a heart. the hardest part of making the heart was making sure the heart was make the “V” part of the heart neatly. Have you ever tried to do your own nail art??? Leave a comment below, I would love to know your experience with nail art!

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Nicole Ramirez ‘

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Happy Mani Monday!!

Happy Mani Monday everyone! I am excited to share my nail geek find of the week. I have had my eye on the Revlon moon candy nail art polish. I have never taken the plunge to try it because I was not sure how the glitter would turn out. Well, The other day I was at Target and I recently downloaded the cartwheel app. If you haven’t checked out the cartwheel app, I recommend you do. The app has special savings on select items and this week the Revlon nail polish was one of those items. 


I only saved a small percentage but it was enough  to get me to finally buy the nail polish. I picked the maroon nail color with rose gold glitter. I figured that burgundy color is in for fall so I might as well try it out. Overall I like the color. The color was a little watery so I got a little messy with the burgundy color. I think there are a lot of different combinations with the duo. I choose to place the  glitter at the top of my nail. You could do the glitter on top of the actual color all over the nail, you can do a fun spin on french tip nails, you can dot the glitter on, I mean really there really are a lot of possibilities to create different looks with this nail art duo. I think my favorite aspect of the nail polish duo is it’s versatility. I recommend you try it!




Have you tried this type of nail art polish or something similar to it? I would love to hear what you think? Tell me about your experience. 


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Fall into lipstick! A Burgundy Lipstick Turtorial

Are you looking to update your fall look? Makeup is an easy way to do just that! This Makeup tutorial will show you how to create a burgundy lip look that is right on trend for fall 2013.

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Happy Mani Monday!!

I don’t know about you but I have a love for nail polish! I always have. I have decided that I will feature a different nail look every Monday. If you are also a fan of nail polish fashion. This week I would love to introduce you to velvet nails. Now I have been in the cosmetic world for quite some time now and have seen all of the textured nail polish trend as they have launched. I have always like the thought of a textured nail but have been afraid to try it. Last night, I was in the mood to spice up my fall wardrobe and found the velvet nail kit Beauty London. It is in a navy blue which is my go to fall color. Also, I thought it would be a great color for a fall or winter bride to be to wear to her pre-wedding events like her rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. It also makes a really fun toe color for those ladies who like to have neutral finger nails but go for a dramatic toe mail color. 



The process of applying the nail color is not as hard as I had thought. Every textured nail kit will have slightly different directions, but from what I gather most of these nail fashions have 2-3 step and it takes about 15-20 minutes for the nail products to fully dry. The velvet nail I used was a 2 step process. All I had to do was apply two coats of the nail color and then dip my nail in the velvet powder… So easy! If you are looking for a fun and funky way to jazz up your fall wardrobe, think about adding some nail fashion to your life. Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think or what you favorite nail fashion, color or trend is right now! 




I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for reading today’s post!



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What’s With the Tin Cans ?!?


(Photo Credit: Macchina decorata)

I found this really great photo on the Italian webpage, Macchina Decorata. I love it so much because it depicts one of my favorite wedding day moments of when the bride and groom ride off together! Of course, being a vintage lover, I love the vintage car, but what i love almost as much as the vintage car are the tin cans! The tin can tradition is one of my favorites. It is so fun to see a car of a newlywed couple, and when I see a newly wed car with tin cans, i find it even more fun and exciting!! I took a look at where the tradition came from. It is an old tradition that stems from an ancient tradition. In the old days, people believed that by making a lot of noise evil spirits would stay away. The tin cans are more of a modern day twist on this ancient tradition.

Fun Fact: It is the groomsmen’s job to decorate the getaway car!

You can really make the tin cans complement your wedding day theme. You can make it a fun DIY project and decorate them in a way that would complement you wedding day theme, decor, or colors. You can also have someone else take care of this project. Let’s take a look at some cans I found on Etsy:


(Photo Credit: Shabby N Chic)  


(Photo Credit: KandJCelebrations) 

wedding car tin cans handmadeweddings

(Photo Credit: handmadeweddings1)

ShabbyChic tin cans

(photo Credit: Willow Street Cottage)

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