What’s With the Tin Cans ?!?


(Photo Credit: Macchina decorata)

I found this really great photo on the Italian webpage, Macchina Decorata. I love it so much because it depicts one of my favorite wedding day moments of when the bride and groom ride off together! Of course, being a vintage lover, I love the vintage car, but what i love almost as much as the vintage car are the tin cans! The tin can tradition is one of my favorites. It is so fun to see a car of a newlywed couple, and when I see a newly wed car with tin cans, i find it even more fun and exciting!! I took a look at where the tradition came from. It is an old tradition that stems from an ancient tradition. In the old days, people believed that by making a lot of noise evil spirits would stay away. The tin cans are more of a modern day twist on this ancient tradition.

Fun Fact: It is the groomsmen’s job to decorate the getaway car!

You can really make the tin cans complement your wedding day theme. You can make it a fun DIY project and decorate them in a way that would complement you wedding day theme, decor, or colors. You can also have someone else take care of this project. Let’s take a look at some cans I found on Etsy:


(Photo Credit: Shabby N Chic)  


(Photo Credit: KandJCelebrations) 

wedding car tin cans handmadeweddings

(Photo Credit: handmadeweddings1)

ShabbyChic tin cans

(photo Credit: Willow Street Cottage)

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s blog post. Thank you so much for reading!

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