Finishing Touches

ImageToday I want to talk about the importance of a brides finishing touches. Yesterday I stopped by an new bridal shop in Denver, Emma and Grace, with a friend. The shop is such a beautiful shop with a really beautiful inventory of dresses. While we were speaking with the owner, she was walking us through her top selling dresses. My friend asked her if she tells brides what are the most popular? I thought this was a great question! All brides want to feel special and they want to have a one of a kind wedding. The owner of the shop had the best answer. She spoke on how every bride is different and it is how they finish the look that will make them one of a kind and truly bring out the brides personal style. I couldn’t agree more! 

One of my guilty pleasures is to look at the celebrity magazines and look at the “Who Wore It Better” pages. I think I love looking at these types of articles because it shows how important the finishing touches are to an overall look.It’s the little details that can make or break an outfit, like accessories, makeup and hair. This is why I started Pretty Bride Shop. I believe that the little details will be what will help a bride show case her personal style on her big day even if she is wearing the most popular dress. 

Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it!

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