Why Bridal Makeup is Special

I always find it so funny when people ask me what makes bridal makeup different from your everyday makeup or makeup for a girls night out. Most of the time guys are the curious ones who ask that question, but I think for a lot of women who are not into makeup at all wonder why wedding day makeup is so important. This blog post is for all of those curious folks. 

When I think of bridal makeup I think of a fresh, natural just simply pretty look, which is what you see in all of the bridal magazine. Although, every time I start a trial run consultation, I always ask how the bride normally wears her makeup because my goal is to make the bride look like the prettiest version of herself, so that when she looks at her wedding photos, she can recognize herself.I have to admit, I do love it when I get a bride who wants to incorporate a bright lip color, a pop of colorful eye shadow, or a smokey eye to her wedding day look only if I can tell that she is comfortable. Bridal makeup is different for every bride which is what makes it so much fun. 


One of my all time favorite wedding photos… My grandparents.


Above is one of my all time favorite wedding photos, my grandparents. I included this photo to talk about one of the main reasons why I think bridal makeup is so special. It should be timeless. Even when I am using a bright color, I am mindful of the placement of the color. I know that as a little girl and even now I love to look at old wedding photos of my grandparents, parents and other family members. I don’t think I am alone in regards to that, so I always try to highlight the natural beauty of my bridal clients because I know that their children and grand children will be looking at their wedding photos for years to come. 

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. I hope you have enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day and stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime!




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