Sweet DIY wedding Favors


I love that the wedding trends have embraced mason jars. If you spend as little as two minutes on Pintrest you will see a gaggle of Mason jar projects in the wedding category ranging from favors to lanterns and everything in between,  so naturally while brainstorming for a sweet wedding favor, I turned to the mason jar trend. I was wondering the wedding section in my local Hobby Lobby looking for fun supplies for a mason jar DIY favor, and found these really cute candies and then I found some pretty embellishments to decorate the jar. Let’s take a look at all of the supplies I used to make this favor.

1. A mason jar

2. Ribbon (one piece of wide ribbon and a piece of thin ribbon)

3. A lace applique

4. Candies ( I used blue Sixlets that I found in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby)

5. Double Side Sticky tape

6. Fabric scissors


First, fill the mason jar with the candies you have chosen to use. Next, take the wide ribbon and attach it to the jar with the double sided sticky tape. Decide which side of the jar will be the front, and then apply the applique over the wide ribbon using the double sided sticky tape. Lastly, take the thin ribbon and tie it around the jar so that there is a bow over the lace applique. By layering these items, the mason jar is transformed into a pretty wedding favor.You can really tailor this project to your wedding by choosing your favorite candy to share with your guests, using your color scheme, and you can even add a little thank you note or quote. This is truly a sweet wedding favor to share with your guests.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. Have a wonderful day!


Nicole Ramirez

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