Not Just a Simple Thank You Card

Today let’s take a look at a way to take a simple thank you card and jazz it up to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaid.

Alright, check out what I used to create this DIY “will you be my bridesmaid?” invitation:

1. Thank you cards. I went to my local Target store to get these classic Thank You cards. There are so many different styles of Thank you cards out there, choose a style that best fits your personality.

2. A charm Necklace. I am using a Tiffany Blue Bow charm necklace from the Pretty Bride Shop.

3. Washie Tape. Again there is a variety of styles and colors, pick the one that you love. You can find washie tape on Etsy.

4. Scissors

First, I placed the washie tape on the outer edges of the card.Except for the top edge. Next, I cut little triangle shaped into the fold.

After cutting little triangles into the fold of the card, place the necklace in the card. I took each end of the necklace and slid it through the triangle cuts, and then made sure it was clasped together. Then, I arranged the necklace so that the charm is the center of the attention when the card is open, like in the photo below.  After that, I taped the extra chain to the back of the card, as you can see in the photo above.

Thank you so much for reading today’s Blog post. I hope you have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

Stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime!




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