Oh So Pretty Name Cards

Are you looking for a simple yet creative way to make name cards for your reception? Well today’s post is for you. We are going to make so fun simple, and “oh so pretty” name cards for your guests!

Lets take a look at the tools we need to make these:

1. Scissors

2. Double side sticky tape (My favorite!)

3. Glitter glue

4. Paint in your color of choice. Preferably acrylic

5. Craft clay. I used Martha Stewart’s brand

6. Silicone molds that works well with the craft clay you choose to use. I used Martha Stewart’ brand.

7. Glitter in the color of your choice

8. Paint brush

9. card stock paper

All of these supplies you can find at you local craft store or online.


After you gather all of your supplies, lets start by making shapes out of your clay and molds.  personally fell in love with these little bow shaped molds from Martha Stewart, but you can make this part your own. There are so many different, molds out there. You can really tailor this to your personal style.Next, I rolled the clay into little balls and them pressed it into the mold. After I pressed it into the mold I took the end of my paint brush and rolled it over the clay to add more pressure; this will keep bubbles away.  Finally let you clay dry. the process of making the shapes may very depending on the clay you find. just follow the directions on the clay packaging.


Next, it is time to paint your shapes or charms as some people call them. I don’t know about you, but I love anything shiny, so I dusted some glitter over the bows while the paint was still wet. Then let the paint dry.


Cut your card stock paper into the size that you want the names tags to be. Write the names with a fun color sharpie or you can print the names from you printer. Attach the bow with double side sticky tape. Finally decorate the name card with glitter glue. Whatever you do, have fun with this project and really let your personal style shine!


Thank you for reading today’s DIY blog post. Hope you have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

Stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime!


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