Coral Lipstick, It’s Not as Scary as it Looks

Most people shy away from coral lipstick because it is simply scary to them. I saw to you reader, that there is no reason to be scared of this color. Most people’s skin tone has a peach tone to it ,  so coral is actually more of a natural color than most think. Today we are going to look at how to create a soft lip using bold coral colors.

Let’s take a look at my sketch book:


TIP: If you are going to apply a bold lip, even if you are going to do a sheer application of the bold color, you should keep your eyes neutral. 

Let’s look at the tools I used to create today’s look:


1. So Chaud lipstick and Vegas Volt Lipstick, both MAC lipsticks. Co Caud is a beautiful bold velvety matte lipstick and Vegas Volt is a softer more a true coral lipstick.

2. Coral Writer lip liner, an Estee Lauder lip pencil.(not pictured above)

3. Revlon photo ready concealer. This is a great light weight concealer with a great color range.

4. Trish McEvoy deluxe lip brush. This brush is often found in Trish McEvoy brush sets. I highly recommend investing in a Trish Brush set, you will have those brushes forever, but it is quite an investment.

5. Slanted eye liner brush, I used the one from MAC.


Here are the steps that I used to create this coral lip look:

Step One: Apply So Chaud lipstick with the lip brush all over the lip. You can make this a sheer or as dramatic as you like. Work with your personal comfort level. I am a fan of lots of color.

Step Two: Apply Vegas Volt in the center of the lip using the lip brush. I like to use the same brush, you can wipe the brush on a tissue in between colors.

Step Three: Apply the lip liner. By applying the lip liner last, you are creating a softer liner around the lip.

Step Four: Finish the look by cleaning up the outer edges of the lip with concealer, Apply the concealer with the slanted eye liner brush.


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