It’s all in the Eyes

Are you looking for a fresh and simple eye shadow look? Well, look no further! Today we will take a look at one of my favorite ways to do eye shadow. First lets look at what you will need:

1. Eye shadow base (I used Painterly from MAC)

2. A light neutral eye shadow (I used Shroom from MAC)

3. A soft Pastel eye shadow, like a purple, green, or blue (I used a purple from Jemma Kidd)

4. Liquid eye liner ( I used the brown liquid liner from The Body Shop)

5. A synthetic eye shadow brush ( I used #66 from Trish McEvoy)

6. A natural haired eye shadow brush ( I used #45 from Trish McEvoy)

Here are the simple steps to take to achieve this look:

Step 1:  Apply the eye shadow base all over the eyelid, from lash to brow. Use the synthetic brush for this step.

Step 2: Apply the neutral shadow along the brow bone. Apply this with the natural haired brush.

Step 3:  Apply the Pastel color along the lash line and even a little bit above the crease, but not too high up.

Step 4:  Apply the liquid liner. If the applicator is not user friendly, you can apply the liner with a angled eyeliner brush. Follow up with mascara.

Let’s take a look at my sketch pad for the placement of the shadow:

Tip: Apply the lighter shadows first, so that it is easier to blend the two shadows together.

Thank you for reading today’s beauty tip. Have a great day!


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