A Fancy Way To Say Thanks

It has been a while since I have done a DIY project, so i am excited to announce that I have a fun yet simple project today.

Are you looking for fancy way to say thank you, but you still want to showcase your personality. Well, Check out what a doily and a little ribbon can do to a Thank you note! But first lets make sure you know what you will need to complete these fancy pants thanks you’s.


1. Scissors

2. Double side sticky tape  (My new bestie!)

3. A small Doily

4. A small piece of ribbon ( Mine is about 3.5 ” or so). Make it long enough so that you can tie a ribbon. I always a fan of the saying “it is easier to take away than to add”. You can always trim the ribbon down.

5. Thank you cards. Homemade or store bought. I used some I found in the $1 section of a craft store.

6. Extra Paper . It can be a contrasting color to the envelope or it can be the same.


If you love to make your own cards, I encourage that. I was just at a stamping convention and I do have to say you can make some pretty fancy thank you cards with all of the fun stamps and card making supplies on the market right now! Like I said before, I used store bought cards because I think that a lot of brides could use a simple and convenient option for personalized thank you cards.

First I made sure that the envelope had some color on the inside flap. The particular envelope I used had a white inside flap, so I trace the envelop shape onto a separate pieces of paper.This is a detail that you can really make you own, you can do pattern paper, contrast colored paper, or you can use the same color like I did. Whatever you do make sure you let you style shine. Also, I used double side sticky tape to seal the envelope. Next, I placed the doily and attached it with double side sticky tape to the interior of the envelope.


Last I used the small piece of ribbon for a tiny bow and attached it to the outside of the envelope. If you are planning on shipping the thanks you’s, you can always get clear stickers and place the stick over the bow to keep it on the envelope.

Thank you for reading today’s DIY Project. Have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

Stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime!


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