Retro Chic

On some level, everyone can acknowledge the beauty in vintage and retro clothing and the past fashion trends that inspired many vintage pieces people collect  today. At the very least people can appreciate a vintage getup for where it has been and/or how it was made, the saying ” they don’t make it like they used to” comes to mind.  I mean just look at timeless and classic fashion icons like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Who cant appreciate the overall aesthetic of  the past trends that those beauties sported.  Also, look at how many people still shop vintage boutiques, flea markets, or their neighborhood Arc store. I bring this up because one of the trends for bridal fashions is to wear a vintage gown. I personally love this trend,and I think that there are a lot of people who share a love for anything vintage, but I do recognize  that vintage or retro wedding gowns are not what most people envision when they dream up a classic wedding. So, I can’t help but ask would you, reader, wear a vintage gown at your wedding? Would you wear a vintage dress as your reception dress and have a classic dress for the ceremony?Or would you want to a designer gown ?

While you think about that question, check out these vintage and retro wedding dresses that I found on Etsy.


Aiseirigh Vintage


Indigo Fluer

Yesterday & Today Timeless Vintage Finds

Living Threads


Thank you for reading today’s Style tip! Have a great Day!


Nicole Ramirez

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