Lets Talk Lipstick

I have been looking for the perfect long wear lipstick for the longest time! I think that I found one that I that is as close to perfect. Here is what I am looking for in a Long wear lipstick:

1. It is a great price point.

2. It has a wide Color range. Basically as long as there is a red, Hot pink, a pretty nude (nothing too pink and nothing to brown), or a coral.

3. It won’t Smudge or feather.

4. Lastly, It Actually stays for at least five hours.

If the lipstick has all of the above it is pretty close to being perfect.

Folks, I have some exciting news! I think that i have found a long wear lipstick that has all of the above!!!!



I was in Sephora this last weekend, and stumbled upon this little gem! It is the new 12 hour lipstick from Tarte Cosmetics. It has the best colors that have the best coverage on the lip. I highly recommend any bride to be to check this product out! I loved it because you don’t even need a lip liner! try this lipstick on a clean dry lip and see how it wears on you. It is so great whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a lady on the go!

Thank you for reading today’s beauty tip. Have a Great Day!


Nicole Ramirez

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