Shrug It!

One of the most exciting things a gal can do is open the latest wedding magazine to find the latest wedding fashions. As the years go by, the bridal fashions depicted in the new wedding magazines can range from classic to a little too racy for a church service. If you have fallen in love with a dress that you may not feel completely comfortable in while getting married in the church, but you have to have it because you love and  it fits you perfect;  there is a solution for you. Shrugs are one of the trending wedding accessories because you can have the best of both worlds. You can look church appropriate for your ceremony and let loose at your reception.

Here are some great shrugs:


Pine Cone Cabin


Alex Bridal 


Style Made Here


White Fashion 

There are so many different styles of shrugs. There is bound to be one that fits your personal style. I found all of these on Etsy!

Thank you for reading today’s style tip! Have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

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