DIY Wedding Favors That say Thank You

Are you a bride who is looking to make a favor for your wedding that is creative and shows your appreciation of the guests that attend your wedding? If so,today’s post is a good one for you! We are going to make mini bouquet wedding favors.

Here’s what you need:


1. Flowers ( i just got a $5 bouquet of flower and split it up)


3. Plastic tube vases for the flowers

4. Double sided stickey tape

5. Doilies/paper 

6. Ribbon


After you have all your supplies, cut the doilie/paper, or what ever material you chose to wrap your mini bouquets with, into a triangle. I just made a sample triangle, and once I found the proper size, I used that as a pattern for the rest of the favors. 


Once you have all if the trangle wrapping for your favors, you are ready to assemble them! 

-Arrange the flowers in the tube vases, keep in mind the arrangement don’t all have to be the same. 

– Cut the ribbons

– I found these great thank you cards at micheals craft store in the dollar bind. I just cut the words Thank you out so that I can decorate the favors. 

-After the tube vases have flowers in them wrap the tube vases. 

– Apply any other decorations that you want to the tubes ( I chose to use the Thank You cut outs), and tie the ribbon around the vase. 


Much like cooking, the prep time for this favor is the most time consuming, but once all my supplies were prepped it only took a few minutes to assemble the favors. They make a great favor that show that you care enough about your guest to put a personal touch into their wedding favor. 

Thank you for reading today’s DIY tip. Have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez 

Pretty Bride Shop 

Stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime!


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