Do It Yourself Center Piece

Are you a bride who is looking to add a personal touch to your wedding? Today I want to look at how you can add a personal touch to your wedding using doilies and different sized glass vases for center pieces.


Here’s what you need:

1. Glass vases

2. Doilies

3. Mod Podge

4. sponge paint applicator

5. Ribbon

6. Scissors

7. Flowers

8.Tea light candles


I chose to use a medium sized vase and a small vase.I made a floral arrangement for the medium vase from flowers I got at my local farmers market, and I put a tea light candle in the small vase.



On both of the vases, I decopodged doilies and added ribbon to transform the ordinary vase.  I recommend that you cut the doilies so that you have more control and it lessens your chances of getting bubbles. Here are some quick tips for decopodging doilies onto glass:

1. I apply a sheer coat of the mod podge onto the glass before applying the doily

2. place the pieces of cut doily onto the glass then in small sections, apply mod podge over the doily using the sponge paint applicator.

3. As you apply the mod podge over the doilie smooth out the pieces of doily with the wooden end of the piant brush.

4. only apply a sheer coat of mod podge in the areas the the doilies are.

Thank you for reading this weeks  do it yourself project.Have a great day!


Nicole Ramirez

Stop by the Pretty Bride Shop anytime



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