Would you care for a doughnut?

Today lets look at how we can make doughnuts a little more fancy. I was doing some research online and saw that  people are now serving doghunuts as an alternative wedding cake. I though this was such a great idea! However as I started brainstorming on how to present this idea to you, I thought why not serve doghnuts at a bachelorette party?!? This is such a great idea if you are having a bachorlette party at one location or if you are going to be bar hoping but plan on everyone sharing a hotel room or suite. Who doesn’t like a good doughnut after a night on the town?


First, I went to my local goodwill to get some tea cups and plates. After I went to goodwill, I went to my local farmer market and found some super pretty flowers to decorate my doughnut. You can put ribbons or candy, really the possibilities are endless.


I then I made a doughnut stand by stacking the tea cups and plates that i got at the goodwill, as depicted below.


This idea doesn’t really have to end at doughnuts. If you are like me, you may enjoy a hotess cupcake, or really anything made by hostess.


Thank you for reading today’s post. I hope you have a great day!



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