With so many lipsticks out there I can see how it would be so hard to choose the perfect lipstick for your wedding day! hopefully after reading this you will be able to try some new lip products. 


Lipsticks Under $15.00.


These are two of my favorite formulas of lipsticks.

{On the left} The body Shop has a bunch of great shades. They are a little more natural in formula, so for you brides looking for as little chemicals as possible, I highly recommend this formula. The color I have in this photo is shade #57. At first glance it is way brighter than any of the Body Shop shades offered, but keep in mind that it is pretty sheer, so it just gives a touch of color. Body Shop lipsticks are about $13.00. 

{On the right} MAC has the best matte lipstick. I do recommend that you scrub your lips before you put this lipstick on because any dry patches on your lip will show up. The main reason why I love the matte formula from MAC is because it stays on longer than your average lipstick, but it isn’t super drying. You can add a touch of gloss in the center of your lips to add some shine to your lips.MAC lipsticks are about $14.00. 


A NEW lipstick under $10.00.


 Revlon has come out with a new balm stain. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a balm, and I LOVE color on my lips! When I saw this lip product, I had to try it. I like it. It stays on even on a super hot summer day. The range of colors that are offered is pretty great as well. I recommend doing the following steps to get the best wear out of this lip balm stain:

1. Scrub your lips

2. Apply Revlon Balm Stain on a clean DRY lip 

3. Only apply one coat (if you layer too many layers it gets a little crazy)

Thank you for reading this weeks beauty tip. Have a great day!!



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