Get Your Glow on…

It’s Summer time!!! Summertime is the time to focus on glowing skin. Here are some of my favorie things to help get your Glow on .


 Two essential item that are good to have are a good cleanser and a great moisturizer. I LOVE philosophy for these items. Purity is a ONE step cleanser (Make-up remover + cleanser + toner= the BEST summer time cleanser). Oprah isn’t the only one who favors Hope in a Jar, So many women including myself adore this moisturizer because it promote healthy radiant skin! 


Food impacts how your skin looks more than you may know. Two of my favorite things to incorporate into your summertime diet are coconut water and avacados. coconut water makes a refreshing and super hydrating drink, and a bowl of guacamole is the ideal summertime snack. Both of these Delicious snacks help you get your glow on . Plus, if you are in a pinch you can use the cocnut water as a facial toner and you can even make a facial mask out of the avacoado. 


The Body shop carries some of the most amazing body products that help boost your skins radiance. One of the best summertime body butter is the Satsuma body butter and the pink grapefruit. The scent is so yummy and bright!


Thanks for reading this weeks beauty tip. Have a Great day!!


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