DIY- Summer time favor

Having a summertime wedding? Well, check out this version of the sommore  wedding favor.


A fun trend when it comes to wedding favors is the sommore favor. Here is what you need for the guts of the favor:


1. Tea light candle

2. Two to three match sticks

3. Tooth pick 

4. Small marshmellows

5. Three to four Hershy’s  chocolate squares

6. Three to four Gram crackers

Here are some Tools you may need:


1. Scissors

2. Paper

3. Stamps ( you can stamp a special message to your guest)

4. Ink for the stamps

You can make the packaging super simple or get creative with it, whatever you do, make it autentic. 

Here’s what I used :


1. A piece of fabric, to make to package pretty. Another idea could be to put in an embroidered handkerchief.

2. Two plastic goody bags.

3. Metallic yarn

4. Raffia ribbon

5. Flat backed pearls from the scrap booking section of a craft store. 


One suggestion I have is to put the edible portion of this favor in a separate small goody bag. I used decorative tape to close the bag, but you can use a sticker to close the bag as well. 

Thanks for reading this weeks DIY project! Have a great day!



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