Peaches & cream

One of the make up trends for brides this season is a nice peach cheek. There are so many different and beautiful combinations out there that it may be hard to choose from. Here are some of my favorite tools to create the peaches and cream blush.


The most important thing to get a smooth blush application are the brushes you use.

Today I picked two of my ultimate go to cheek brushes:

1. Trish McEvoy’s Blush brush- you can find Trish McEvoy at select Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman’s, and specialty make up stores. Her brushes are a bit of an investment, but totaly worth it! you will have them forever and they allow you to have a smooth make up application.

2. MAC brush #188- This is a MUST HAVE brush that everyone should have in their make up kit. It is great for powder and liquid products.

3. The Body Shop brush on beads in radient. You apply these using the MAC 188 brush along you cheek bone for a soft highlight.

4. The Body Shop Honey bronze face gel. This product looks alittle scary, but Apply a pea sized amount where the sun would normally hit you with the MAC 188 brush, and you have a raidient bronze glow.

5. The Body Shop Cheek Color in shade #45. Applied with the Trish McEvoy blush brush.


I am a fan of color, so to punch these products up a bit I added a tiny bit of MAC pigment in Neon Orange!! I LOVE this pigment. You can use it on you cheeks, and you can even mix a little clear gloss with the pigment, and you have a neon lip gloss.


Some other colors I LOVE to create the peaches and cream look are:

Image MAC So Sweet, So Easy Creme blush  + Image MAC Luna Creme Color base=AMAZING

Orgasm The Multiple

Finally the ULTIMATE Cheek color Nars Orgasm! I happen to be a huge fan of the multiple stick.

Thanks for reading today’s make up tip. Have a great day!


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