Introducing Pretty Beatrice

 When I was a little girl one of my elementary school choir concert costumes was a flapper outfit. I can remember the excitement I had as my mom was putting the finishing touches on my costume. I absolutely had to wear that flapper costume; I wanted to wear it every day! Ever since then I have been a little obsessed with the 20’s fashions. which is why,  one of my favorite head pieces I have ever made is pretty Beatrice.





When I first made this piece I didn’t think it would need the black gem. Boy, was I wrong! It makes the piece the beez knees! I was hunting around my organized mess of an apartment and ran across this black clip on earring that didn’t have a matching earring. I bought these earrings about 5 years ago at a thrift store in Long Beach Ca. I believe that I lost the earring on a Vegas trip, but anyway, I absolutely loved this earring so much that I saved it. I believe that it was meant to be on this head piece all along. 

you can find this piece at http://www.etsy/shop/prettybrideshop. 


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