Like a lot of ladies out there, I love anything that sparkles! Lately I have had this craving to make jewelry. I have always wanted to try to design and create Pretty jewels. Three days ago I picked up some supplies and went to town. Turns out, I love designing jewelry, which is why the Pretty Bride Shop will be launching our new line of very pretty jewels next week. Check out some of the designs.


This is the first Bracelet that I made. I love it so much I had to give it away as a free gift on the Pretty Bride Shop Facebook fan page!


I wanted to have a simple yet smashing. I Love these earring because they can be warn by a bride on her big day and even on the days after their big day! 


These were inspired by the 1950’s. I wanted a retro feel, but appropriate for today’s fashions.


These earrings are just girly fun! Who wouldn’t want pink heart shaped locket earrings??


Pearls with a summertime twist with Lovely vintage coral charms. I love pearls! 


If you like these beauties check out the Pretty Bride Shop on Etsy next week, 

 Have a great weekend! 



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